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A puzzle for an appsec quest

It was 1 AM this morning and I was wondering about two things:

  • I’m wrinting a lot of stuff in ruby that can be used to automate my appsec day by day work
  • I’m really upset about web application penetration test commercial tools. I don’t like they don’t expose an API, I don’t like they are only Windows binaries consuming 1Gb of RAM before crashing, I don’t like the false positives ratio.

Just before going to bed, I tweeted this

I drawn a scenario where a full security assessment is performed over an host by a lot of different small tools targeted to accomplish just a single goal.

It’s clear in my mind that I need more then a point and click windows binary that stores data in a SQL Server database with a non documented schema and with a lot of blobs that make some post scan intelligence a real

Pain in the Ass

anonymous Common Winsdom

I need also to test web application with a pragmatic approach. The “spider and then bruteforce” approach most commercial vendors have is not enought for me. I want to test the app for authentication, authorization, overall design in term of exception handling and more.

I want to move all my personal research from #sast field to create a full featured web application security assessment framework, a lot of them are already production ready in the wild, look in example to ronin framework.

aurora will be a logical project to create a security assessment framework to assess webapps.

Project goals will be:

  • KISS principle must be applied
  • tools will be RESTful and their API will be documented
  • results will be SQL served with a public accessible schema.

That’s it. No fireworks, no big announcement. Just a collection of tool to make my day by day work easier and that can be useful to other people.

All this work will be the open part of the codesake project

The closed bit will be part of the knowledge base, I mean the scan library, the rules, the checks based on my experience… but I’m in the very beginning and it’s a nonsense to bother with such details.

So, in the future, will be the reference website for the aurora project framework, and this blog it will be as well a behind the scene of what I’m doing.

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