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The amazing art of creating apps

Fact: hackers have brilliant minds and most of times they prefer writing their own swiss army knife application to accomplish a task.

Fact: I am a wannabe hacker and also a wannabe soffware developer.

In the last week I focused my attention in writing discovery web application because I have to solve a my own task at work and because I liked the way the app looks like now.

During the development, I realized that there is a lot of knowledge I don’t have and there are brilliant hackers out there.

Look at this blog post. It’s about bundling a sinatra application within a ruby gem.

Simply amazing. This post makes me clear I had to deploy discovery as ruby gem and that I had to drop the CLI/Web interface dichotomy.

Binary tool must be a launcher for web app, no more no less. And a simple with a require and a run statement can be enough to deploy discovery with passenger or any rack based application server.

Let’s go ahead. I had to solve how to integrate discovery with at work active directory repository.

Googling ‘sinatra ldap active directory’ gives me back a lot of gems and a lot of resources that it was embarassing choosing the appropriate one.

Actually, I found a three years old blog post that shows a very simple model called ActiveDirectoryUser that solved my problem.

A simple and brilliant solution I integrated in discovery with a slightly modification. LDAP connection parameters are read from a YAML config file, but this can become a very simple authentication framework for all web applications I have to deploy at work without using omniauth or devise or sinatra-ntlm or rack-or-something and this can be amazing.

It’s a very creative period of my life. I don’t want to waste this energy I found looking aside pure static analysis quest I was trying to figure it out in the last four or five years.

True to be told, I don’t think I will ever release an out-of-the-box static analysis tool. The main reason is that I think nobody can solve the problem with a single “catch it all” application.

I want to stay focused in writing smallest apps solving small day by day problem in the appsec world and I’m pretty sure this would lead something bigger will happen when all the dots will be connect down the road.

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