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The aurora project

Yesterday I officialy started the aurora project with a brand new repository hosted on github.

"Yet another security tool?"

"Yet another security tool written by you?"

I know, I know… I changed the perspective I’m seeing the code review problem a lot of times. I changed technology behind the code used to review other code.

And I delivered not too much usable stuff. That’s why I don’t want to release any roadmap but just start hacking and see what’s happening.

Some words about the code behind the scene

True to be told… one year ago I started writing a library in C with some code to attack a web page with well known attack patterns. I called the library ‘dusk’. On the other side I started a library to be able to static analyze a source file and I called ‘dawn’ this library. I worked first on ‘dusk’ library and just left the ‘dawn’ folder empty.

In December I switched to Ruby since most of the code I was writing at work was in that language.

Writing a pentesting tool in ruby is far easier since to the mechanize gem… an outstanding way to check patterns in HTML.

I gathered, working this way, a lot of fresh ideas about how to implement hybrid analysis in aurora.

It won’t be easy. I know. There is the danger a year far from today I’ll write on about aurora failure… or maybe aurora will turn 1.0 and it will be the de facto opensource tool for perfoming hybrid analysis.

I’m pretty excited about this project… it’s in pure C and I love writing code in C. It’s a security tool and I love application security. I love challenges, that’s why I’m starting a new one in late September. I love fighiting, that’s why I’m a taekwondo athelete.

So, place a bookmark to the aurora website , start follow the source code repository , hack the code or help writing attack patterns or just say ‘Hold on guys’ to boost our morale.

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