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When a proper error message makes the difference

Look at this error:

What would you think about to solve it?

Let’s make a step behind. Yesterday I was crazy about solving the mess Xcode 4.2 caused to my system about a broken C compiler that made me unable to install properly rvm, ruby and gems. The system didn’t work and I solved installing an Apple provided gcc package

When I saw at a Rack::Lint error, I suspected something went wrong about gem installing or that there was something yet compiled with the broken #gcc. So I started the uninstall/install quest, trying to recompile all with the new #gcc.

This didn’t solve my problems, the exception was still there.

I finally decided to look all the trace and I discovered this datamapper error.

What the hell… I have an old DB on my repo and I just need to migrate all the new models in order to create appropriate tables.

Just run bin/discovery --init-db and everything went in place.

I guess that the datamapper error would be propagated at the top of exceptions, would me make me solve this issue in 5 minutes instead of 1/2 day.

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