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Winning apis for winning tools

Yesterday I asked @netsparker if his tool have a rest API I can used in some ruby script to automate my work.

He answer was the APIs is in roadmap for late 2012. This is great but in enterprise environment wouldn’t be having a good API a must have for a winning tool, would it?

Of course, it’s not about Netsparker tool which is a great dynamic analysis tool. This is a general consideration since I just want to automate some boring daytime job activities and having myself focused on results analysis and code reviews.

I think that it’s crucial for a security tool (obviously this is true also for any other IT field, but this is a security oriented blog so… ) to have a rest API to help people interact with it and with data it outputs.

I like arachni approach that deploys a full XML-RPC server enabling people writing custom code talking with the tool.

This should occur also in commercial tools, IMHO.

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